A Cloudy Day in Stockholm

As I walk through Gamla Stan I feel like I am coming home. This was the first area I explored when I first came here 16 years ago. Little did I know at the time that Stockholm would be the center of my life and one of the most important places to me. I still get a thrill from being here. Especially here. I walk through the streets, waiting for the tourists to get going again after looking at some random shop window or menu outside a cafe. I feel like the buildings are talking to me. “We’ve seen it all, we’ve seen everything….but this is all we see” It doesn’t matter what store or bar or cafe is inside their yellowed exterior, some will survive, some will thrive and some will fail. But the buildings will still be here, watching the transient people walk, buy, laugh, live.

I remember 16 years ago, walking through here with a beautiful Norwegian girl that I had met just the night before. We stopped at a cafe, ordered coffee, coke and mineral water each….and drank none of them. That was 16 years ago but I can still feel her hand in mine the first time she touched me. It was a warm, comforting feeling, that is still the same today.Gamla Stan on a cloudy day

Today is a dull, overcast kind of day. The personality of the city is pulled upwards into the clouds. Their presence dominates the landscape, whether its the river or the palace – your eyes are pulled upwards to squint at the great diffused light and rolling, ever changing shapes in the sky – as ceaselessly moving as the buildings are still.

Clouds over the palace

Written by Duncan Potter

Favorite expression: Get back in your basket!

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