Finally finished the series of 3…..

I started to write a piece on how channel partners can transform their events based strategy into a social networking approach about a year ago – well I finally finished it…..I have included it in the Channel Advice section of the blog – click here to get the page or go to each link individually below

A Few Simple Guidelines For Channel Partners: Part 1

This article introduces the topic and relates social media and networking back to what most partners actually do.

Social Media (or should it be “Social Networking”) for Channel Partners Part 2

This article talks about setting objectives and getting your value prop right!

Social Networking Events – a different approach Part 3

This talks about the details of transforming a presentation event to a discussion based event.

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  1. Hey – great work. I like what you are doing. We just completed a Social Media Empowerment class sponsored by EMC and one by Qwest.

    Great to see you help partners to leverage the new world!

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